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MOD-t Not Detected By My Computer

Last Updated: Mar 24, 2017 04:02PM PDT
If your computer is not detecting the MOD-t please try plugging the USB cable into a different USB port on your computer. It is possible that you currently have your USB cable plugged into a port designed for USB 3.0. The MOD-t is designed to be used with a USB 2.0 port. 

If this is occurring during or right after initial installation it is possible that the USB and power were plugged in before you were prompted by the setup program. Unfortunately, with Windows operating systems once a USB connection is detected the operating system begins scouring the net for drivers thus occupying the USB port. Since you receive your driver package from the MOD-t software itself this creates an endless loop that prevents your computer from seeing the MOD-t. In this case, please unplug the power cable and the USB cables from your MOD-t. Next, you'll need to uninstall the MOD-t Printer Utility that was downloaded at the beginning of the setup process, go back to, and begin again. Please take care not to plug in any of the cables until prompted by the setup wizard. 

If this is occurring during a firmware update from within the MOD-t Printer Utility then it is possible that something is preventing the MOD-t from automatically moving into device firmware upgrade mode. The solution is to unplug the power from the back of the MOD-t, hold down the action button on the front of the MOD-t, and keep it pressed in while you plug the power back into the unit. Once you see the LED light it is okay to let go of the front panel button. This will put the MOD-t into DFU mode and you can attempt to upgrade the firmware again.

If none of these scenarios work for you, please reach out to or give us a call.

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