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How do I Remove Thin and Delicate Items From the Print Surface?

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2017 11:17AM PDT
The MOD-t build surface is a wonderful design for easy adhesion of your prints to the build surface without having to use a glue stick or painter's tape. However, this great adhesive property can make pulling thin designs off the build surface a tad difficult at times. The best way to remove the thin items is as follows:
  1. Remove the build plate from the MOD-t
  2. Separate the build plate surface from the build tray
  3. Bend and twist the build plate surface in the following directions: Fold both ends up towards your face, bend both ends away from you towards the ground, twist both ends of the build plate in opposite directions. During all of this twisting you should hear the beautiful cracking sound of the PLA separating from the build surface. Don't worry about twisting too hard, you won't break the build surface (unless you're a powerlifter, then you might have to be careful!) The video at this link will show you the movements described here
  4. At this point you should be able to pull the print off of the build surface, if its being a little stubborn go ahead and gently use the scraper around the edges of the design and try to twist it again.

We've used this to great success internally printing some of the thinnest designs in the store. If this strategy is not working for you please contact customer service and we'll figure out some additional tips and tricks.

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