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How long will it take to print something?

Last Updated: Mar 31, 2017 11:47AM PDT
Build time depends entirely on the object being built, and can be affected by factors such as object size, chosen layer resolution, level of detail in the object, and infill type (solid, hollow, or partially filled). Typical build times can be as short as 10 minutes for relatively small objects to several hours or more for large objects.

At this time, the New Matter Store does not provide print time estimates prior to the start of the job. However, after the print has begun there are a couple of ways to get a sense of how long your print will take to complete (Note: Globally, print time estimates can be wildly inaccurate so we've decided not to highlight them until we are confident they are correct more often than not.) 

Method 1: Head to the print queue and take note of the print completion percentage. You'll have to do a little math, but let's say your completion percentage is at 50% and your printer has been running for 3 hours. You have a pretty estimate that the print has 3 hours left to go. (Not elegant, we know but we're working on solving the time estimate issues to make this better.)

Method 2: If you open the MOD-t printer tool/utility and connect your USB cable. Once the connection to the printer is established an estimated time for your current print job will appear in the lower left-hand corner under status. We can't stress enough that these are wildly inaccurate at times so please don't plan your day around the estimated time frame. 

In general, the more print the better idea you'll start to get on how long a given print will take to complete. 

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