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Stop! Don't Use the Unload Functionality in the Software!

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2017 04:33PM PDT
Q: If I shouldn't use my unload option, how do I change my filament?

A: Please switch your filament by following the steps below:
  1. Remove the clear tube from the top of the carriage so you have access to the filament loaded into the MOD-t
  2. Make sure you have your clippers handy.
  3. Make sure your new spool of filament is handy.
  4. Run a load filament sequence.
  5. Wait for the temperature gauge to heat up. Once the hot end reaches the proper temperature your filament should automatically start moving through the carriage on its own. You will be able see the filament feeding with the naked eye, and you will notice a long string of it extruding through the tip of the hot end nozzle.  If your filament does not begin to move on its own do not proceed to the next step, instead contact customer support at your earliest convenience and let us know the filament did not budge when you tried to load it.
  6. As the filament loads into the carriage, use your clippers to snip it right at the filament entry point at the top of the carriage. IMPORTANT: Make sure that you do not clip the filament until it has started moving through the carriage automatically as part of the loading process.
  7. As the clipped filament disappears into the carriage, unload the filament still attached to the spool through the Filament Entry Port (the tiny hole on the back of your MOD-t).
  8. Remove the now unloaded spool from your Spool Holder.
  9. Attach the new spool of filament to the Spool Holder. 
  10. Feed the filament through the Filament Entry Port.
  11. Push the filament through the Filament Guide Tube until it is protruding from the end of the guide tube approximately 2 or 3 inches.
  12. Manually guide the filament into the carriage of the MOD-t. Since the load process should still be triggered you'll feel the motor grab the filament and begin to pull it through the carriage.
  13. Guide the clear tube back into the top of the carriage
  14.  When you see the new color extruding from the hot end press the front panel button to end the filament load sequence and you are all set!
NOTE: The MOD-t will time out the load sequence after approximately five minutes, if the load sequence does time out on you before you're able to switch in the new spool of worries! Just trigger another load sequence and pick up where you left off.

With this method, the chance of clogging your MOD-t carriage will go way down.

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