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Quil Not Extruding or Extruding Slowly

Last Updated: Jun 01, 2017 01:05PM PDT
There are a couple of reasons why your filament may be extruding slowly. First, you could be running low or running out of filament. If this is the case you will want to proceed to load more filament into your Quil so that you can continue printing your object.

If you still have plenty of filament loaded into your Quil you want to confirm that the filament is not getting stuck anywhere which may prevent the pen’s motor from pulling in the filament as intended. Lastly, if you are pressing the “In” button and do not hear the motor working it could be that you lost power and you may need to reconnect your Quil. 

If you were using the automatic feed, you also want to make sure it wasn't mistakenly deactivated during the print. Simply try re-initiating the automatic feed and see if the filament resumes extruding again. 

If you've switched filament types, the issue could also be with the filament you've changed over to. A good tip is to load the previous color/brand back into the Quil and try to 3D print with it, if that filament flows normally the issue is the with the filament itself. (We recommend only using PLA filament that is reviewed highly and reviewed often if you're going to use an alternative brand.)

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