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  • little math

    So i used up 2 kg of pla for +- 350 grams of successful prints making it 60 € of material not counting time an...

    2 Community Answers Mar 05, 2016 11:19AM PST
  • Alternative PLA supplier

    Anyone try purchasing PLA filament from a supplier on If yes, any recommendations on a supplier w...

    1 Agent Answer 4 Community Answers Mar 01, 2016 09:47PM PST
  • PET+

    Hello, I have been seeing more people using PET+ with their 3D printers and I would like to try it but do n...

    3 Community Answers Jan 18, 2016 07:21AM PST
  • my first test print was not working

    The printer seems to be set up correctly but when it went to do the first print, there seemed to be a problem ...

    0 Community Answers Jan 17, 2016 08:37PM PST
  • Printing Gcode

    I'm completely new to 3D printing and I'm having trouble successfully printing from Gcode. I want t...

    5 Community Answers Jan 15, 2016 07:26PM PST
  • Maximum overhang angle

    What is the maximum overhang angle that the MOD-t can handle before supports are required? When I print the &...

    2 Community Answers Jan 12, 2016 04:59PM PST
  • Can't complete setup, unknown USB device

    Hello, I've tried to run the setup but can't continue past the firmware update. The device shows ...

    2 Community Answers Dec 30, 2015 09:33AM PST
  • I can load to print queue but can't actually print!

    I have located a design in the store and can add it to my print queue but can't click on the print button...

    1 Agent Answer 6 Community Answers Dec 23, 2015 06:37PM PST
  • Sending G-Code to the printer

    Has anybody tinkered about with a way besides using New Matter's Windows only tool to send gcode directly...

    1 Agent Answer 2 Community Answers Dec 22, 2015 01:54PM PST
  • Katana slicer test

    I downloaded the Katana slicer (link at the end) to see if I can use it to print when I don't have an onl...

    2 Community Answers Dec 22, 2015 01:29PM PST

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