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Adding multiple parts to the same print

Brian Dec 06, 2017 05:31PM PST

How do I add multiple parts to the same print? And, is there any way to organize the orientation of the objects on the print bed before I print?

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Nick Dec 06, 2017 06:08PM PST MOD-t Agent

Hello Brian,

This is Nick with New Matter support. I’m happy to answer your questions!

Regarding multiple prints on the same job; there is currently no way to simply “duplicate” objects and print multiple pieces at the same time through the New Matter Store interface. For example, if you wanted to print multiple copies of the “My First 3D Print” keychain, you cannot simply select the item in your library and click a button to make multiples on the same build. With files that are native to the New Matter Store (AKA “our” files), they must be printed one-at-a-time.

That said, there are various workarounds that you can employ if you wish to print multiple copies of items you have created yourself or downloaded elsewhere.

For files that you have created yourself: Using whatever design software you created the file in, simply use that software’s controls to duplicate the file and arrange them so that they will fit onto the MOD-t’s 6″ × 4″ × 5″ print surface. From there, export the file as an .STL and upload it to the New Matter Store in the usual manner. By doing this, you can effectively duplicate and/or arrange multiple files onto the print surface before uploading them to the New Mater Store site and sending them to your MOD-t for printing.

For files that you have downloaded elsewhere: With these kinds of files, you can certainly import them into a design program and arrange/duplicate them in the manner described above, or, if you prefer, you can import them into some “slicing” software such as Cura (a free and highly recommended slicer) and more or less do the same thing. We have an article on our blog that describes the process of downloading, setting up, and using Cura in detail, and I recommend giving it a look. If you use a slicer to prepare your files, they will be saved in the G-code format (not .STL or .OBJ) and as such you will not be able to upload them to the New Matter Store and store them in your library. With G-code, you must send it to your printer through our desktop application, the MOD-t Printer Utility. The process for doing so is simple and described in detail in our blog article about using Cura, which you can read here:

Regarding the reorientation of files on the print surface before you print; there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

It’s not possible to reorient native New Matter Store files (AKA “our” files), as those have already been oriented in the optimal way, but for files that you have created yourself or downloaded elsewhere and uploaded to our site, it is possible to reorient them as well as change their overall scale.

To change the orientation/scale of an item that you have uploaded to your New Matter Store library, first select the item by finding it in your library and clicking on its portrait. Once the item has been selected, you will be taken to that item’s individual “page”. Just to the right of the item’s portrait you will see two colored buttons, a pink one that says “print”, and a blue-green one that says “edit”. Click the button that says “edit”. From there you will be taken to a screen where you will be able to edit the name, description, and “tags” associated with the file. If you wish, you may edit those aspects of your design before clicking the “update” button to save them. If you wish to edit the scale and orientation of the items, you will want to click the blue-green button that says “edit scale and rotation”. Once that button has been clicked, you will be taken to our 3D viewer (similar to the one you see when initially uploading a design to the site), and from there you can adjust the scale and orientation of your design. After adjusting any of these parameters, make sure that you click the “check mark” button just above the pink “update” button to save those changes. Once all changes have been made, you may then feel free to click the pink “update” button to return to the previous screen. From there, simply navigate to your library, select the items you wish to print and proceed normally!

I hope that this information has answered your questions, Brian. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team by emailing

Thanks so much!

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